Custom tube an solid state amplifier repair at The Guitar Shop        
David Smith of  Dabeck Custom Amps  has joined Gary Smith at  The Guitar Shop. A recent addition to the on-site repair team, Dave has been repairing amps for us behind the scenes for several years at Dabeck Custom Amps in Allen, TX. With  the demand for guitar and amp repair on the rise it only seemed natural to bring  these two local talents together under one roof. It can only get better!

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 Basic Repair

Tube and solid state amplifier repair. All amps new and vintage. Whether you own a  classic 80's Marshall JCM 800 or a vintage 65' Twin Reverb you can trust David to get it right the first time. David  has been repairing amps for The Guitar Shop and his own clientele  for years. 

Dave working  on a small ORANGE practice amp at his new location in Richardson, TX.

   " We can talk about blues & rock tone for hours, but you really have to hear it to believe it. I have been putting my custom built tube amps into customers re-issue combo cabinets and the difference is truly amazing. "

Custom  Amps

David  builds a variety of custom  amplifiers. Amps can be built to the customer's specs from 15 watts to 100 watts. Pre-amps can be voiced to any classic amplifier or the customers ear. Choice of speakers, combo cabinets, transformers and tubes are available.

"Once you hear one of my custom amps you will understand what I am talking about. If you're in the market for a new amp, stop by the shop and test  one  before you buy anything else, then decide for yourself "
Custom PTP board installed in Vibroverb re-issue:
Custom Conversions

David  does custom conversion of Marshall and Fender  circuit board amplifiers into point to point turret boards amplifiers.  He can install all new capacitors and at the same time turn your 70s Silver face Fender amp into a 60s Fender AB763 Black face circuit. This will much improve the tone and drive of these amplifiers. He also repairs mixers and effects.

Custom board for a customers amp:

Contact Information

Give Dave a call or e-mail and lets talk about what  he can do for you.

Guitar Shop   972-437-5537

Allen, TX       972-437-5537

           Cell:    972-742-3335





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